The Aqualith Project (pre-conceptfase)


Regional venues for adventure – be they theme parks or adventure parks – rank ever higher in the offer portfolio of successful tourism regions. Many destinations have already responded to people‘s changed leisure philosophies and offer their guests regional adventure worlds that appeal to children as well as grownups and exert a “beacon function” for an entire region

Authentic concepts with regional relevance are the secret of success
Authenticity is nowadays more in demand than cheap attractiveness aimed at
the masses. The basis for a successful world of adventure is created with a comprehensive analysis of location and expectations. What is important is that the adventure projects are tuned to the site and region concerned.

The Interlaken adventure park

The Interlaken adventure park picks up the trend of multi-optional demand behaviour of tourists and offers a weather-independent alternative for tourism in the Berner Oberland.

Offers from the areas “Sports & Adventure”, “Sports & Adventure”,
“Experience & Family”, “Gastronomy & Shopping”, “Wellness & Enjoyment”
and “Entertainment & Events”, are to be compounded into an optimal mix
and directed at a variegated target group.




The further development of the “Flugplatz Interlaken“ area, taken out of service as a military airport, is at the basis here. For the regional planning of Oberland-East this presents an important development area.

The “NIRP“ [Interlaken Airport Utilisation and Infra-structuring Scheme] of October 2007 is valid in principle, and is now being complemented with a medium to long term strategy based on a workshop with relevant actors and numerous experts‘ discussions.

The “Mystery Park” area

According to this strategy, the entire “Mystery Park“ area including the airfield (parking lot) is to come within the perimeter “ESP“ [centre of development] for leisure and tourism.

The re-structuring of the former Mystery Park area is to get priority in being pushed ahead. Exploitations in the fields of leisure, sport, culture and education, which contribute to the new definition of the area as to styling and content, are to be welcomed.

Also the feasibility of a rail service point at the former Mystery Park site is to be investigated.



Altered UeO

The currently submitted alteration to the UeO [building licence] is based on the project for a hotel with events hall, and was geared to it. Constructional adaptations within the individual theme sectors are possible on a small scale. Freedom for variations in utilisation exists in particular in the extant built-up structures.

Current status of the planning

The OLK [Townscape and Landscaping Committee] rejected the first application for amendment. For the hotel a “mini-competition” was staged, whose result has been included into the planning. In the Matten construction planning committee (CPC) the supplement has now been taken up for consideration, after which the UeO amendment will again be passed on to the cantonal authorities for approval.




On the basis of the “hotel with events hall“ concept, minor additions are possible. The “Wasserpark“ [Water Park] project is hardly realisable within the currently pending UeO amendment. Due action is as follows: the current procedure should be suspended as soon as possible; alteration of UeO adaptation, re-start of approval procedure.

Time schedule

The petition to the Canton will take place in this current year of 2021. The duration of the UeO alteration as planned, is around half a year (without loops).



Experts’ Committee Review

Architecture / innovation

Aqualith sets new standards in the field of commercial exploitation of water parks and event structures. High-class design and innovative spatial concepts make Aqualith to an internationally appreciated icon.

Authenticity / local integration

An up-to-date interpretation of these theme categories is reflected in the concretisation of architecture and portfolio. The Aqualith connects local and regional anchoring – not contradicting the architecture but issuing from it.

Sustainability / ecology

Aqualith is exemplary in terns of sustainability and maximum environmental awareness. Through innovative utilisation and solution strategies, interdependences are optimised and defined anew.